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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much is it to rent The Lawyer’s Overlook? 

    Our venue rental prices begin at $600 and go up from there depending on the length of your event, the day of the week, and the amenities you choose. Please keep in mind that we work to create a unique experience designed for YOU and your budget, so wedding packages look different for everyone in the end, depending ultimately on what you’d like.  For your a pricing quote tailored to your event needs, please contact us.

  • How many people does your venue hold?

    The Meadow House Cabin wedding in the woods location is ideal for up to 100 people.  The Lawyer’s Overlook wedding in the woods location or field space can accommodate up to 150 people. We can seat up to 24 for indoor dinner parties.  The Lawyer’s Overlook indoor facility will comfortably hold 60 people spread throughout the venue for receptions or other events and celebrations.  We can combine the use of indoor and outdoor spaces to maximize your guest count.

  • Do you have a Preferred Vendor’s List?

    We do have a Preferred Vendor’s list, people that we know and trust, and it can be accessed here.   However, we operate on a “blank canvas” model, meaning we provide the outdoor space and the facilities, and then you can bring in vendors of your choosing for catering, tents, DJ services, etc.  All vendors must be approved by us, and caterers must hold all the appropriate licenses/certifications/insurance.

  • Can we bring in our own alcohol?

    Yes, you can outsource your alcohol as you see fit. It is REQUIRED for caterer to be licensed if serving alcohol or, vendor licensed if selling alcohol.  Please be mindful of having glass containers around the pool.

  • Do you provide tents, tables, and chairs?

    Although we do not currently provide tents, tables and chairs, we would be glad to assist you in finding vendors in order to acquire these items.  Our Preferred Vendors List can be found here.

  • Do you break down and set up tables and chairs? 

    The setup and breakdown of tables and chairs is the responsibility of the event host and/or the outside vendor who provides those items.

  • If we rent The Lawyer’s Overlook, how long do we have access to the house?

    Our minimum rental is for a four hour event.  All event rentals provide access an hour before event and an hour after event for set up/clean up (i.e. six hour host access for a four hour event.)

    If you have rented The Lawyer’s Overlook for the entire day, host has access beginning at 9:00 am with the event beginning no earlier than 11:00 am.   All guests must leave the property no later than 11:00 pm (weekends)/10:00 pm (weekdays).  Clean up must be complete and the host must vacate the premises by midnight.

  • What time does ambient music have to end if we have an outdoors event? 

    Outdoor music must end by 10:30 pm on the weekend and end by 9:30 pm during the week.  This is out of respect for our neighbors and is also required per our Private Event Space Conditional Use Permit.

  • Can we have an outdoor ceremony at The Lawyer’s Overlook?

    Yes!  We have several beautiful options for outdoor ceremonies.  We have a small, intimate area in the woods by our cabin, perfect for a ceremony with up to 100 people, and we have a large clearing in the woods adjacent to The Lawyer’s Overlook, which provides easy access to the house and fields for a larger reception. The fields surrounding the event space and the poolside area also offer lovely spaces for picture perfect celebrations as well.

  • Do you allow open flames and/or candles?

    Due to the incendiary nature of the hayfields surrounding The Lawyer’s Overlook and the woods surrounding the cabin, we do not allow open flame, sparklers, or fireworks of any kind.  Candles are allowed, as long as the flame is contained below 2” glass rim of the vase/container.

  • Do we have access to the pool?  

    The pool at The Lawyer’s Overlook is available to use during your events as well as just for pool parties.  There is an up-charge for pool usage during events,  and clients must provide their own lifeguard(s).

  • Is smoking allowed at The Lawyer’s Overlook?

    Smoking is strictly prohibited inside The Lawyer’s Overlook, including on the lower level. This includes e-cigarettes.  There are smoking areas designated outside of the house, and all cigarettes/cigars should be disposed of in the appropriate provided containers.  Cigarettes/cigars must not be tossed on the ground due to the flammable nature of the surrounding hayfields.

  • What are the post-event cleaning expectations?

    All tables should be cleared.  The kitchen and bar areas should be free of food and beverages and wiped down. Refrigerator and freezer must be completely emptied.   All trash must be removed, bagged, and be placed in the designated area.  Large boxes are not permitted in trash bins.  MHP will provide trash bags.  The Bridal and Groom’s suites must be completely cleared and all personal items removed.