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Introducing The Lawyer’s Overlook

Our Story

We’re Channing and Nathan Stewart – we own and run The Lawyer’s Overlook. We are a never-slow-down, adventurous, hard working, fun loving couple, and we welcome a good challenge! If you would have told us in 2021 that we would lose three parents in a calendar year and become venue owners, we would have told you that you had utterly lost your marbles. But that’s exactly what happened. It’s crazy, isn’t it, how life and the universe send curve balls which alter your life’s trajectory? And while chaos, wonder, and sometimes sadness ensue, these events light a new path and reveal a newfound purpose.

We are lucky enough to live on one of the most beautiful pieces of property in Oldham County – the Stewart family farm. Our 10 acre little slice of paradise on this farm, which we lovingly call The Meadow House Farm, really began when Covid surged through our state and the rest of the world. We bought some chickens, brought home some goats, adopted a couple of pigs and viola! Project number one was off to the races. We’ve been learning about being small, hobby farmers the past four years, and we continue to learn – each season teaches us something new. Our hearts and minds, as well as our goat herd and chicken flock, have grown exponentially. The Stewart family farm, in its entirety, is over 200 acres. It’s an active tree farm, but in the past it has been used to grow tobacco and graze cattle. Nathan and I work tirelessly to maintain our campground, the 5 miles of hiking trails, our sweet cabin that we rent out, and now, we have restored and launched The Lawyer’s Overlook.

When Nathan’s dad passed away in 2021, it not only left a hole in our family, but it also left a vacancy on the family farm. We didn’t want to sell the parcel of property out of the family – we wanted to keep the entire farm intact. So how were we going to make that happen? Per usual, we began researching all the things – how to run an event venue, what types of permits we needed, what we’d need to do to the house in order to make it suitable for parties and weddings. We purchased the house, and thus the work began. It easily took us six months to acquire our permits, clean, paint, repair, and refurnish the house, and then to learn how to operate an event venue. Policies, procedures, contracts, scheduling, vendor contacts, you name it, we have researched it, and we are still learning as we go. It has been an absolute labor of love.

Nathan’s parents loved to entertain, and they loved being part of Oldham County. And so do we! We love bringing people together, we love supporting local businesses, vendors, and farms, and we want to provide an affordable place for people to make memories together. We work to honor John and Mary Stewart each and every day with the work that we do here, and we hope that you will join us! We’d love to see you at the community events that we hope to host here, and if you need a super unique space for a wedding, bridal or baby shower, family reunion, or party, you just let us know!

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